Tuesday, June 09, 2009

sussex walk

shocking yellow shine clamours behind the treeline
beyond our cool damp tunnel between fields

its only prosaic dusty bramble and elder
transformed by buttery hot sunshine
loud, lime and glowing beyond this compost corridor
this lengthening world of mulch and hush

shadowed and silent
sole interruptions insistent repetitive bird demands
conducting untranslated business above beyond the stretching reach of root and hedgerow

sudden panic of unseen pheasant

the grey-green whiskery silver softness of wheats subverted too by yellowapplegreen shafts
sharp sun giving edge to blade and ear
the secret spider's web another precarious world transfixed by light

on a secretly discovered pond
one downy duckling scurries out of sight
posturing unicyclist jetski-propelled
zipping skimming like the not-quite-settling light
hovering untouching
over the water's placid solidity

swathes of disco-ball dappling
scattering through the shade
puddling like rain in discs and drops of light
shimmer in the dim dankness

sifting the leaves
shifting the shadows