Wednesday, September 20, 2006



On the face of it.

Living the day to day.
Calm, composed.
On the surface.

Defying gravity and possibility
Learning to float, to skate, to walk on water

treading softly, scared to break the surface tension
taut and fragile, bearing implausible weight.

What lies beneath the surface?
behind the eyes?
beyond the horizon?

Unexplored secret depths
How is that inkly silent world connected with
sparkling reflection? on the surface?

Splashing sometimes, paddling, playing at the edges
testing the water, deliberately unthinking
sinking toes into the squelchy squaggy softness
not-so-given, not-so solid underfoot.

Imponderable slogging of treading water
water like mud

Surfing sometimes
inappropriate exhilaration, flying racing height fleeting illusion of weightlessness
fleeing the mundane
moments of happiness, forgetfulness, shallow triviality
timeless superficial detachment a moment in space
speed and balance fend off instability and danger

the up and down
febrile with hints of unseen depths
pull of the undertow


salt water on my face again.

head up, chin up
keep busy
keep afloat
keep above the surface
on the surface