Friday, May 26, 2006


I sense my mind skirting around it
devious in its deflections
deftly stepping aside
out of the path of an oncoming pain

Holding my breath
Will I make it past?
through over out beyond the insurmountable
implacable, impervious unavoidable fact of it

Fate. Fact.
The elephant in the room.
Its going nowhere.
It can't be tiptoed round forever.
Footprints in the butter
Unavoidable evidence.

grief gravity greaving grave grevious

I sense my mind returning to it
compulsively instinctively tonguing the cavity
probing the depth of pain
exploring the enormous shape and dimensions of absence

veer away, swerve
can't go there yet

the mind shuts down
shies away
refuses the fence

diversionary tactics

Don't stop to think
eyes shut
keep moving, don't look down
Balance depends on speed